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Fashion e-commerce in Switzerland – Creating new traditions

Switzerland has been home to the traditional short leather trousers for men known as “lederhosen” for centuries. And who doesn’t love the voluminous women’s “dirndl” dresses with rich gold embroideries, topped off by a matching apron? These garments, the leather trousers, and especially the dresses, were often handed down through… Continue

E-Commerce in India

If you’re based in Europe, you may never have considered the Indian e-commerce market at all — but it’s worth looking at. The e-commerce sector in India is growing rapidly, at an astounding rate of 18% per year.  With over 900 million internet users as of 2023, the country is expected to become the world’s […] Continue

E-Commerce in May

We have reached almost the halfway mark for our e-commerce year and boy, May is a doozy regarding e-commerce opportunities! Yes, May is choc-a-bloc with great and hugely varied e-commerce opportunities to get your products and services noticed. Continue

The healthcare market in Sweden

Sweden is a global leader in many areas, and its innovative healthcare system emphasizes e-health and outpatient care. In a health market that demands precision, culturally sensitive translations are not just necessary – they are crucial. They must be finely tuned to the unique needs and expectations of their audience. Dive into our latest blog… Continue

E-commerce in April

This year, April Fool’s Day on the 1st of April coincides with Easter Monday – which means it probably won’t be the best day for practical jokes. Easter Monday marks the day after Jesus’ resurrection, and Christians spend this day commemorating the miracle. Online marketing and e-commerce specialists would do well to avoid too much […] Continue

E-Commerce in Croatia

The Croatian e-commerce sector experienced a veritable boom in 2020, the year the pandemic hit. It apparently took a pandemic to jumpstart the e-commerce industry there, and in this article, we will look at some of the reasons for that. In addition, we will look more closely at the facts and figures that define Croatian […] Continue

The healthcare market in Belgium

Step into the dynamic world of Belgium, a crossroads of commerce and culture in the heart of Europe. Renowned for its research infrastructure, collaborative spirit and global connectivity, it has established itself a leading location for clinical trials and logistics for pharmaceutical products worldwide. The innovative healthcare industry offers… Continue

E-Commerce in Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg may be tiny, but it’s known globally for its economic clout: Luxembourg boasts the highest GDP per capita in the entire world. This economic strength makes it an attractive target market for e-commerce companies. With a well-developed infrastructure, an affluent population, and a thriving e-commerce culture Luxembourg… Continue

E-commerce in March

March is Women’s History Month, the run-up to Easter, and the official end of winter. The perfect time to put your e-commerce thinking hat on and your online offering on the e-map. If you have been hibernating, it’s high time to dust off those marketing boots and get your show on the road. Continue

E-commerce in Iceland

Although it might seem remote from the perspective of continental Europe, Iceland has a unique position between Europe and America, which makes it an intriguing prospect for international businesses looking to expand. The conditions for e-commerce in Iceland could hardly be better, and there is ample research into Icelandic e-commerce preferences,… Continue

The healthcare market in Denmark

The big easy: The World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business index continues to rank the business climate in Denmark as the best in Europe. Particular potential for growth can be found in the healthcare market, driven by ramped-up government budgets, attractive investment projects and a sweeping increase in demand. Read our latest blog to find […] Continue

E-commerce in February

As 2024 is a leap year, we’ll have an extra day in February to explore some of the lesser-known e-commerce marketing opportunities aside from Valentine’s, Groundhog Day, or Carnival, and more time to get your 2024 overall strategy on track. Continue

E-commerce in Finland

The Finish e-commerce market might be small compared to more populous countries, but Finns are generally well-off, digitally fluent and enjoy shopping online. This makes Finland an appealing target market for e–commerce retailers. Continue

The healthcare market in Czechia

World-famous beer culture and a rich cultural heritage: the Czech Republic most definitely has a lot to offer. Companies are welcomed by a highly qualified workforce and attractive business conditions and infrastructure. Find out more about exciting market opportunities in the booming Czech healthcare sector in our latest blog. Continue

E-commerce in January

Happy New Year one and all! The first month of the year comes with space for new beginnings and new year’s resolutions. In the world of e-commerce, this means ample opportunity for sales on items to help people hit the ground running – literally and figuratively speaking. Continue

The healthcare market in Poland

The Polish healthcare system has been chronically underfunded for many years, which is reflected in staff shortages and access issues such as long waiting times and high co-payments. But a transformation is underway: national initiatives and EU-level funding programs are aimed at changing things for the better – both for patients and also… Continue

E-commerce in December

December holds space for spending time with loved ones, gift giving, decorating and enjoying delicious holiday treats. Also in for a treat this time of year: online sellers! Christmas is the biggest event in the e‑commerce calendar, with no shortage of promotion ideas (we’ve included 3 of our favorites below). The end-of-year period is also… Continue

E-Commerce in New Zealand

With $4.69 billion in e-commerce revenue in 2022, New Zealand is ranked as the 45th largest e-commerce market globally. This puts it just ahead of the United Arab Emirates. Post-COVID, New Zealand’s e-commerce sales in 2022 dipped back to 2020 levels. However, popularity continues to increase, and revenue is expected to reach $8.3 billion by… Continue
Fashion Italy
Fashion & E-Commerce

Fashion & e-commerce in Italy

Italy is the country of Gucci and Prada, Milan’s Fashion Week and dolce vita. Italian fashion is synonymous for quality, eccentricity, uniqueness and sartorial excellence – but does the innate style and panache of Italian haute couture translate well into the world of fashion e-commerce? Traditionally, proud Italian clothes and shoe makers shunned… Continue

The healthcare market in Italy

La dolce vita – life in Italy seems to be simply better… and longer. In fact, the country is home to a staggering 22,000 centenarians. But the healthcare system is also starting to show its age, not least since the recent Covid crisis. Discover in our latest blog how a makeover to rejuvenate Italy’s health […] Continue