Quick, high-quality and cost-effective. Modern translation technology allows us to recycle existing translations, automatically export, transfer and import data, manage terminology and scale up country teams quickly and easily. We are here to help!


Our REST API allows you to integrate processes for multilingualism and internationalization directly into your system landscape, providing you with a tailor-made solution for fast, efficient processes. We work closely with your technology and content team to achieve this integration.


With the easyCONNECTOR you can send your ERP, PIM or CMS texts directly to the Eurotext Translation Portal. A simple workflow and automated processes help you maintain a constant overview of your projects and allow you to manage your time and costs effectively. And thanks to our secure connection there’s no need to worry about your data.


Eurotext AG’s translation plugin. With the translationMANAGER, you can export content from your online store and send it directly to the Eurotext Translation Portal with just a few clicks. It can be used for everything from product descriptions and SEO content to frameworks and other types of text. Once translated and subjected to our integrated quality assurance check, your content is transmitted back to your online store where it can immediately be published. The translationMANAGER is available for free for a large number of shop systems.

Our Workflow


Translation Environment

Our country teams work together in a translation environment optimized to meet their needs. Our teams work in close collaboration on your projects and the projects can quickly be scaled up if needed. Another advantage: We are more than happy to involve our clients and their own linguistic experts if desired. Modern translation as it should be.

Translation Memory Management

Translation Memory Systems (TMS) allow us to recycle existing translations and in turn offer high-quality translations by native speakers at reasonable prices.

Terminology and Keyword Management

Terminology is the backbone of corporate communication. With each passing translation project, we compile useful and unambiguous terminology for your products and your corporate communication – appropriate for your markets and tailored to your target group. As for your website or online store, we can show you how to make the most of keywords in the target language.