Technology for your translation project


translationMANAGER comprises the proprietary translation plugins of Eurotext AG. It allows you to export content from your online shop and send it directly to the Eurotext Translation Portal with just a few clicks. It can be used for any type of text – from product descriptions and SEO content to frameworks and other texts. Once translated and subjected to our integrated quality assurance processes, your content is transferred back to your online shop for easy publication. translationMANAGER is free to use and available for various shop systems.


easyCONNECTOR allows you to send your texts directly from your ERP, PIM or CMS systems to the Eurotext Translation Portal. A simple workflow and automated processes ensure that you will know the status of your projects at all times and will be able to calculate costs and processing times reliably. And don’t worry: our secure data connections will keep all your data perfectly safe.

Translation API

The REST API allows you to integrate processes for multilingualism and internationalization directly into your system landscape, which means you will have a tailor-made solution for high-speed, efficient processes at your fingertips. The system integration will be implemented in close collaboration with your in-house contacts for technology and content.

24/7 Translation portal

The Eurotext Translation Portal gives you round-the-clock access to your internationalization projects. There will always be full transparency regarding your quote requests, orders, deadline and costs. You couldn’t ask for a simpler way to organize translations!

COTI interface

The common translation interface (COTI) facilitates standardized data transfers between content management and translation management systems. Translation processes are integrated and automated much more seamlessly. Here you will find out how the COTI standard can make your life a whole lot easier!

Translation environment

Our teams of linguists work decentralized in a sever-based, collaborative translation environment. The team members within a project network with each other and access common resources like translation memories, terminology databases and styleguides. Teams can therefore be scaled to accommodate any volume of translations very quickly. Another advantage: We involve our clients and their own linguistic experts in the project if desired. Modern translation as it should be.

Translation memory management

Translation memory systems facilitate the storage and re-use of previously translated text segments. They allow us to offer high-quality translations by native-language professionals at attractive prices. We ensure consistency in our translation memories using software-supported quality assurance and ongoing comparison processes with latest industry-specific and keyword terminology. That is how we can guarantee excellent value for money.

Terminology and keyword management

A solid and well-maintained terminology basis is essential for your product and company communication. Plus it guarantees comprehension, factual accuracy and coverage. We create, maintain and manage your multilingual databases for industry-specific and keyword terminology. We will be happy to include your own terminology specialists in the process and will provide browser-based, secure access for final verification and company-wide use. A definite plus for everyone involved.

Would you like to know more about our translation portal with 24/7 availability?

The Eurotext Translation Portal will keep you up to date on the status of your translation projects at all times! Submit requests for quotes, confirm orders, send and receive your data while remaining fully in control of your budget. You are in the driver seat!

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