The company and our staff


Eurotext AG Würzburg
We are an owner-operated language service provider with over 30 years in the translation industry.

Our original core business, professional translations for industry customers, was expanded to include the development and optimization of translation processes in 2003. The objective was to offer process solutions for fast and easy integration in addition to native level translations in specialized subject areas.

Based on this experience, a completely new market segment was created in 2009: Translations for industry, IT and e-commerce. We have been doing pioneering work in this field for many years, while consulting companies from industry, IT and online trade in their efforts to achieve structured internationalization. Thanks to proprietary software solutions, a translation portal with 24/7 availability, great relationships with industry experts and a strong partner network, we were able to develop innovative products and services for all aspects of multilingualism.

Eurotext’s dedicated country teams provide translations by native speakers in more than 50 languages. The Eurotext AG language and technology services are ISO 9001:2015-certified.


 20 employees in-house

 4,000+ linguists

 50+ languages

 50,000+ projects

 30 years on the market

 10 years of e-commerce


The Team

Peter Seltsam

Boris Zielonka
Marketing & Sales

Sabrina Arz
Project Management

Manuela Busch
Project Management

África Büttner
Project Management

Sheila Hutzenlaub
Project Management

Eva Janvier
Project Management

Laura Rottmann
Project Management

André Weichert
Project Management

Philipp Seltsam
Consulting & Project Management

Christine Stallforth
Vendor Management

Julian Ardoin
IT Services

Robert Steinruck
IT Services & DTP

Martin Purrer
DTP & Marketing

Gabriele Seltsam

Hanna Bachmann
Vendor Management