The Company

Eurotext AG is an owner-operated language service provider with more than 25 years of experience in the translation industry.

In 2003, the core business of the company was expanded to include the development and optimization of translation processes. As well as continuing to provide specialized translations by native speakers for the industrial sector, the objective of the company was to be able to present clients with quick and easy-to-integrate processes.

Eurotext AG Würzburg

Eurotext auf der Internet World 2017
This led to the creation of a brand new area of operation in 2009: Translations for IT and e-commerce. Eurotext AG has since become a pioneer in this field, advising companies from the industrial sector, IT companies and commercial enterprises on structured internationalization. Thanks to the company’s very own software solutions and a well-linked network of experts and partners, Eurotext is able to develop innovative products and services for all of your multilingual needs.

The company’s country teams provide translations by native speakers in more than 50 languages and the Eurotext translation and SEO services have been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification.

The Team

Peter Seltsam

Boris Zielonka
Marketing & Sales

Patrick Ullrich
IT Services

Julian Ardoin
IT Services

Sabrina Arz
Project Management

Manuela Busch
Project Management

Danny Coomber
Project Management

Christine Hofmeister
Vendor Management

Elena Kleinschrod

Janika Knapp
Project Management

Petra Lazarevic
Marketing & Sales

Martin Purrer
DTP & Marketing

Laura Rottmann
Project Management

Philipp Seltsam
Finance & Purchase

Robert Steinruck
IT Services & DTP

André Weichert
Project Management

Marion Wenzel
Project Management