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The healthcare market in Sweden

Sweden is a global leader in many areas, and its innovative healthcare system emphasizes e-health and outpatient care. In a health market that demands precision, culturally sensitive translations are not just necessary – they are crucial. They must be finely tuned to the unique needs and expectations of their audience. Dive into our latest blog… Continue

The healthcare market in Belgium

Step into the dynamic world of Belgium, a crossroads of commerce and culture in the heart of Europe. Renowned for its research infrastructure, collaborative spirit and global connectivity, it has established itself a leading location for clinical trials and logistics for pharmaceutical products worldwide. The innovative healthcare industry offers… Continue

The healthcare market in Denmark

The big easy: The World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business index continues to rank the business climate in Denmark as the best in Europe. Particular potential for growth can be found in the healthcare market, driven by ramped-up government budgets, attractive investment projects and a sweeping increase in demand. Read our latest blog to find […] Continue

The healthcare market in Czechia

World-famous beer culture and a rich cultural heritage: the Czech Republic most definitely has a lot to offer. Companies are welcomed by a highly qualified workforce and attractive business conditions and infrastructure. Find out more about exciting market opportunities in the booming Czech healthcare sector in our latest blog. Continue

The healthcare market in Poland

The Polish healthcare system has been chronically underfunded for many years, which is reflected in staff shortages and access issues such as long waiting times and high co-payments. But a transformation is underway: national initiatives and EU-level funding programs are aimed at changing things for the better – both for patients and also… Continue

The healthcare market in Italy

La dolce vita – life in Italy seems to be simply better… and longer. In fact, the country is home to a staggering 22,000 centenarians. But the healthcare system is also starting to show its age, not least since the recent Covid crisis. Discover in our latest blog how a makeover to rejuvenate Italy’s health […] Continue

The Healthcare Market in the Netherlands

With its strategic location, tech-savvy population and well-connected infrastructure, the Netherlands has transformed into an international hub brimming with business potential, both in pharma and medtech. Find out in our latest blog why the Netherlands is particularly attractive for both global players and SMEs and what market opportunities await. Continue

The Healthcare Market in Luxembourg

Luxembourg – officially the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg – is renowned for its cosmopolitan ambiance and excellent quality of life, boasting a strong emphasis on high-quality healthcare services and advanced medical technology. Find out all about this thriving health market in our latest blog. Continue

The Healthcare Market in the UK

Bits and bytes, … and Brexit: From digital health and telemedicine to personalized care, this blog invites you to discover the health market in the United Kingdom and its latest trends. Join us as we delve into the pulse of this thriving market. Continue

The Healthcare Market in France

In wine, there is truth: despite enjoying a diet that is heavily based on white flour (baguette, croissants, etc.), saturated fats (cheese) and high alcohol and tobacco consumption, the French tend to live about two years longer compared to the rest of Europeans. Find out in our latest blog post what is behind this contradiction […] Continue

The healthcare market in Germany

Ranking at the very top of all European countries, Germany’s healthcare market is a true heavyweight in terms of market volume and number of medtech manufacturers, healthcare providers and patients. It is a highly competitive market that is characterised by exacting regulatory requirements and high safety standards, yet also exciting business… Continue