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Boris Zielonka
A multilingual presence is becoming increasingly important for companies everywhere, as it represents a powerful business driver if implemented professionally. My advice: Think beyond individual communication channels – think globally. A centralized translation management, coupled with intelligent technical processes, will open the doors to international markets.”


Boris Zielonka is responsible for marketing and sales at Eurotext AG. As a marketing expert, he has spent many years exploring the possibilities of company-wide use of multilingual content and is an expert in online marketing and search engine optimization.

Project Management

Get to know the Eurotext Project Management Team and find out what makes us special and what we can do for you.

Professional Translations

Quick, high-quality translations by professional native-language translators organized in individual country teams.

E-commerce translations

Eurotext offers a wide range of tailor-made products and services for e-commerce.

AI translations

Machine translations verified by linguists. Find out more about possible areas of use.

DTP & layout

We transform your documents into target language and multilingual print data according to your specifications. We can also include approval processes on request.

Engineering & formats

We can process a wide variety of file types and formats and will deliver the translated texts in the format you need!

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We will explain the quote creation process here at Eurotext and how we calculate our prices.
Find out how translation memory technology can help reduce text volumes and prices, and how that can benefit you.

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