COTI interface

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The COTI interface was developed to simplify data exchanges for internationalization projects. Special data packets were defined that encapsulate various project data in a standardized form in addition to the actual content. COTI is completely manufacturer-independent and is used with many content management systems, PIMs, CMS and most translation memory systems (TMS).

In total, the COTI interface is available in 3 levels. These levels have nothing to do with quality. Instead, they signify the level at which data transfer is automated or integrated into legacy systems.

At Level 1, only the data package is defined and the actual data exchange is triggered manually. Level 2 simplifies and automates the transfer of COTI packages.
At Level 3, content is exchanged between the systems directly, without any need to generate individual data packages.

Eurotext offers solutions for all 3 COTI levels.  We can therefore guarantee optimal and fast data transfers to match your system environment and requirements.


COTI Workflow

COTI Level 1

COTI packages for manual transfer are defined in Level 1. Our translation portal offers various options for creating and ordering translation projects and to upload data packages.

COTI Level 2

Level 2 uses dedicated exchange folders, in which data packages are organized and transferred. The Eurotext easyCONNECTOR permanently monitors these “Hot Folders” and automatically processes COTI packages, as soon as the customer deposits them in these folders.

COTI Level 3

At Level 3, data is exchanged directly between the systems. The Eurotext Translation API builds a direct connection between your software and our translation portal, so that content is transferred point-to-point.

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