Eurotext Translation API

Easy integration

The standardized, well documented interfaces integrate with virtually any system any system – from online shops and CMS to PIM, ERP and more.

Full flexibility

The Eurotext REST API offers options you never even thought of. The functional scope of the API can be adapted as needed and further developments can be added as needed.

Comprehensive support and advice

We will gladly assist you in the development of an internationalization strategy that is right for your business, offer advice for the implementation of your workflows and give you the support you need during your technical implementation.

Security for your data

The security of your data is safeguarded by encrypted data transfers.  Your data is in safe hands with us!

Perfect for regular content updates

The Translation API interface to the Eurotext Translation Portal is perfect for regular content updates and allows the automation of your translation projects.

Structured data or files

The REST API supports the transfer of structured data in JSON and XML format. You can, of course, also send complete files. The choice is yours!

Speed and large volumes

Our consolidated and scalable country teams highly efficient and can handle large volumes of text in a surprisingly short time. If need be, with 24-hour turnarounds.

Future proof

REST is standardized and widely used technology. No matter how your system environment grows and develops in the future, the Eurotext Translation API will handle it.

Own sandbox

The sandbox offers a risk-free environment where you can develop and test your interface.