How you can benefit from AI translations


Man & Machine

An AI translation, meaning a translation generated by an “artificial intelligence” will not be able to replace professional human translation in the foreseeable future.  It does, however, have its place: In combination with a final verification process by qualified linguists, it can be a great tool for the translation of simple, unemotional functional texts or for company-internal communication.

The advantages are clear: Aside from the low cost for AI translation, the significantly lower processing time needed for translation is a definite plus. Very large volumes of text can be translated in a very short time.

QA check & terminology check

After an AI translation, our linguists carry out a so-called QA check. It involves a software-supported quality assurance of spelling, punctuation, formating and numbers contained in the text. A subsequent terminology check will ensure that pre-defined, customer-specific special terminology was adhered to.

AI translations with post-editing

We offer an additional service, which entails the proofreading and editing of the entire translation by a qualified linguist. The focus here lies on searching the text for obvious mistakes and to correct these. A complete stylistic revision is not recommended here, as the time needed would come close to a human translation.

Areas of use

AI translation is not recommended for all text types and must be clearly differentiated from a native language professional translation. Large volume, neutral tone general texts without a specific linguistic style, without emotion or creative claim are, however, very well suited for machine translation. It is therefore imperative to check, whether the text in question is suitable before machine translation is used. We will be happy to discuss your options with you in person!


All communication between the Eurotext translation environment and the AI software is encrypted. Third parties cannot access the data transmission. The software automatically deletes the transfered texts from the system after translation, and will not use it for any other purposes.