December holds space for spending time with loved ones, gift giving, decorating and enjoying delicious holiday treats. Also in for a treat this time of year: online sellers! Christmas is the biggest event in the e‑commerce calendar, with no shortage of promotion ideas (we’ve included 3 of our favorites below). The end-of-year period is also a popular time for people to make New Year’s resolutions: from being more active and eating better to starting a new hobby or craft. Let’s take a closer look at all that December has to offer!

Important December dates

Big December dates to keep in mind:

  • Hanukkah: 7th – 15th
  • Green Monday: 11th
  • Christmas Eve: 24th
  • Christmas Day: 25th
  • Boxing Day: 26th
  • New Year’s Eve: 31st

End-of-year shopping behavior

As shoppers try to avoid crowded stores and long lines this time of year, e-commerce sites experience a huge surge in traffic.

Popular product categories include electronics, clothes, toys, décor items and food. Holiday promotions and discounts encourage shoppers to go big and spend more than they usually would – especially when it’s for their loved ones.

People are also looking for services that will support their New Year’s resolutions, such as subscription services for a new hobby, healthy food delivery services or gym memberships. You never know: Maybe this time it’ll stick beyond January!

3 tips for a successful online shopping season

Here are 3 ways you can get your customers even more excited for the winter holidays:

1.    Extend your return period

Let’s face it: Not every gift is a hit! Sometimes it’s best to cut your losses and give your loved ones the option of returning a gift that’s not quite up their alley.

Extending the return period for unwanted gifts is a common practice for e-commerce sellers, especially during the Christmas season. Consider upping your return policy from, say, 30 to 60 days. Being flexible here shows that you’re committed to customer satisfaction. It also makes for an easier decision-making process for your customers.

Bonus: Next time they’re hunting for that perfect product, they’ll think of their hassle-free experience with you. What a great way to secure repeat business!

2.    Create some visual excitement

While your online shop can’t exude that festive mulled wine scent that we all love this time of year, you can still create some excitement with your online presence.

How about displaying a Christmas countdown on your website? Or have an online advent calendar on your Instagram page giving sneak peeks into your upcoming offers? 24, 23, 22, … Merry Christmas!

 3.    Cut down on the stress with last-minute digital gift cards

There’s nothing more convenient than a digital gift card. Not only is it an easy go-to for that person who already “has it all”, it’s also a stress-free solution for your website visitors. Plus, whomever they give it to will have the opportunity to buy something they’ll actually use and enjoy.

You can make your online gift cards customizable by letting your buyers add their recipient’s name or choose a festive design theme.


One thing’s for sure: December closes out the year in style! This is the perfect time for e-commerce sellers to spread some holiday cheer and offer everything gift seekers are looking for.

Beyond gifts, party looks and decorations, savvy sellers should also tap into New Year’s resolutions and offer products and services that align with buyers’ ambitions.

To make the most out of your pre-Christmas shopping season, you can extend your return period, use eye-catching visuals to create excitement and offer digital gift cards for those last-minute shoppers. Happy holidays!



autor_eurotext_100Author: Eurotext Editorial Team

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