12 Months of E-Commerce

Successful sales all year long

There are many holidays and seasons that heavily influence e-commerce, ranging from religious and bank holidays to traditions both old and new. There are regional and international special occasions and events that boost sales across the board, as well as those that affect only individual industries. They range from Easter to Christmas, from Carnival to Mother’s Day, from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

And of course, there’s more than just the classic holidays to keep in mind. There are also seasonal events that encourage sales: weddings, festivals, football WM, BBQ season and winter clearance sales—there are any number of events to look forward to each year.

On top of that, globalization means that more international events are gaining traction in new regions. Many Europeans can’t imagine fall without Halloween, and Oktoberfest is now celebrated in the USA and China.

It can be hard to keep track of it all. You might be wondering: “which holidays and events are coming up next, and what role do they play for me and my customers?”

That’s why we’ve created a series of blog posts titled “E-Commerce in…”. For each calendar month, we introduce the most important special occasions, holidays and any special characteristics of the seasonal. We also explain the background of the different days and how they have developed, and make note of any special events. All this information is targeted for use in e-commerce, regardless of whether in Germany or internationally.

Come and see everything the year has to offer!




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