April tends to catch all off guard right off the bat on April Fool’s Day. What better way to start the month than with a sense of humor, right? And then there’s Easter along with several other religious festivities, including Christian Communion and Confirmation ceremonies. With the winter weather being officially gone, there’s also plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities, inviting e-commerce sellers to get creative.

Holidays & observances

April Fool’s Day

The end of March might see a surge in demand for whoopee cushions, fake blood and other practical joke items. A quick but fun e-commerce sale for sure!

Confirmation and Communion

Psalm Sunday, which falls on April 2nd this year, is when many young Christians around the world undergo their Confirmation ceremony. There’s a dedicated church service during which the person confirms the promises they made when they were baptized. White Sunday (the Sunday after Easter) marks the day for people’s First Holy Communion, one of the most crucial occasions in a Roman Catholic person’s life. During this ceremony, the person metaphorically receives the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist by eating consecrated bread (representing Jesus’ body) and drinking consecrated wine (representing Jesus’ blood).

As far as e-commerce goes, both Confirmation and Communion are big gift-giving occasions. Popular gifts include wristwatches and jewelry, tech items and gadgets. Religious gifts include cross necklaces and a lucky charm guardian angel. These types of gifts are often very dear and personal. Online retailers who offer engraving services have a competitive advantage here.

To capture these religious ceremonies in everlasting memories, photo books and gifted experiences (such as a nice dinner or day trip) also make for great presents.


Easter celebrates Jesus’ resurrection and the victory of life over death. But besides its deep religious meaning, Easter has also made a name for itself in the world of e‑commerce, particularly over the last decade or so. Supermarkets carry chocolate Easter bunnies and other edible treats. Speaking of food: Families get together on Easter Sunday to share a feast that often features roast lamb, ham or rabbit.

A fun Easter highlight is, of course, the Easter egg hunt: Typically, the adults hide Easter baskets filled with colored eggs and candy all over the house or garden, and the children go looking for them.

E-commerce sellers have ample opportunity to get creative here, both with Easter basket fillers (think stocking fillers around Christmas time) and actual gifts in the form of toys. How about some email marketing copy along the lines of “the Easter egg hunt is over: introducing our XY deal…” to brighten your customers’ Easter season?


This year, Ramadan starts on March 22nd and ends on April 21st. During this period, adult Muslims fast between sunrise and sunset. Children are usually exempt from this tradition. Countries that celebrate Ramadan include Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

This religious festival is all about family connection. That’s why many Muslims take Ramadan as an opportunity to spend time with their loved ones, for instance, in the way of trips and getaways. Ramadan ends with a large family feast breaking the fast.

Going places

April is a big travel month. Depending on the weather, some ski resorts make popular destinations this time of year. Last-minute trips are often people’s go-to option, both because of April’s unpredictable weather and ongoing Covid travel restrictions.


One of the highlights in Arpil is the tekom Spring Conference, which will take place here in Würzburg on April 26 and 27. Needless to say, our team will be attending the event and is looking forward to many interesting contacts and conversations!


April Fool’s Day, religious festivities, Easter egg hunts and little vacations – that’s what April has to offer in terms of e-commerce. Retailers can get super creative with marketing their Easter deals and promoting gift ideas to commemorate big religious moments in young people’s lives. Last-minute flights, hotel stays, dinner reservations and day activities also make for great online purchases.