As 2024 is a leap year, we’ll have an extra day in February to explore some of the lesser-known e-commerce marketing opportunities aside from Valentine’s, Groundhog Day, or Carnival, and more time to get your 2024 overall strategy on track.

February is the month for getting your e-commerce strategy on point. We just got past Christmas and the chaos of January with returned gifts and New Year’s resolutions – now is the time to plan for the rest of the year. There are, however, a few days in February that aren’t considered widely in e-commerce, but could offer opportunities for exceptional campaigns and eye-catching cross-channel advertising:

Special events for e-commerce

Galentine’s Day, February 13

Target audience: Friends everywhere

Galentine’s Day (“Gal” + “Valentine”) is the invention of Leslie Knope from the well-known TV show “Parks and Recreation.” It’s an unofficial holiday for gal pals to celebrate themselves and each other. Never mind that a fictional character created Galentine’s Day: the internet is full of Galentine’s Day party ideas, so pick what best suits your brand values and treat your customers to a good Galentine’s Day campaign or discount!

Singles Awareness Day, February 15

Target audience: Single people

Think of Singles Awareness Day as the celebration of self-love and independence. It’s the day when those not entangled in the strings of romance can embrace and flaunt their solo status. Think tongue-in-cheek slogans and empowering quotes! Add this date to your sales calendar and create funny, witty, or heartwarming products for those who are proudly single.

Love Your Pet Day, February 20

Target audience: Pet owners

We all agree that every day is a day for loving your pet, but February 20 gives your customers an official excuse to flood social media with pictures of their cute companions. Create a vibrant, interactive social media campaign – maybe a photo contest for the cutest snapshots of their furry, feathered, or scaly friends?

National Retro Day, February 27

Target audience: GenX – when life was still good 😉

Remember the days before memes, iPhone selfies, Netflix, and Spotify? Promote National Retro Day with some funky designs to give your customers a good, nostalgic ache for the times when heartbreak meant losing at Tetris or accidentally starving a Tamagotchi.

Important e-commerce dates in February

The eCommerce Forum will be held in London on February 6 this year, and is a must-attend date for networking and for forging new partnerships. It is a highly focused event that brings together innovative and competitive solution providers with digital & e-commerce managers, for a day full of opportunities to build valuable business relationships through one-to-one focused meetings.

The e-Commerce Berlin Expo will be held in Germany’s capital on February 22. This free-to-attend conference will be another great networking opportunity. The list of top-tier industry speakers is impressive, and their combined knowhow and experience could give you the push you need to take your e-commerce business in a new direction. The Expo itself will feature big name exhibitors from all over Europe. Definitely a date to mark in your calendar.

E-commerce trends for 2024

Mobile shopping

Smartphones are everywhere. Consumers are increasingly turning to their mobile devices for making purchases. This shift is driven by convenience, as mobile apps and responsive websites ensure seamless and user-friendly shopping experiences. In response to e-commerce industry trends like this, businesses are optimizing and internationalizing their platforms for mobile, enhancing the checkout process, and implementing innovative features to cater to the ever-growing mobile-savvy audience.

Social e-commerce

Social e-commerce combines social media and online shopping, and has evolved into an e-commerce force to be reckoned with in 2024. Features like in-app shopping, live-streamed product showcases, and influencer partnerships make today’s social platforms very important marketplaces. Consumers trust the recommendations of friends and influencers, making social e-commerce a powerful channel for brand discovery and shopping.


February definitely isn’t the time to relax when it comes to e-commerce. Look at it as a time for change, a time for renewal – after all, the Chinese celebrate their New Year on February 10th. This could be the month you get your online marketing off the ground, enhance your existing e-commerce with new technologies and knowhow, forge new partnerships, or completely change the direction of your business strategy by embracing new ideas. Get creative and introduce new and fun marketing and campaign opportunities and think outside the box!



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