Here it is, finally! The half-way mark for the year. We welcome June and can’t wait to start enjoying the outdoors more. It is getting warmer, we can sit outside in the evenings, take long walks, meet friends at the café, have some BBQ garden parties, and celebrate the fact that winter is finally over.

In terms of e-commerce campaigns, there are quite a few not-so-well-known (holi)days in June that will be a great help getting your message, your products, and your services more widely known. Most importantly, June is Pride Month all over the world – a month to celebrate inclusion, tolerance, and love. What better time to showcase your company’s social commitment, openness, and diversity! Celebrate with e-commerce campaigns saturated in the colors of the rainbow or highlight acts of kindness and tolerance.

Perfect days for e-commerce campaigns in June

International Children’s Day is on June 1st and offers a treasure trove of possible e-commerce campaign opportunities. How about raising awareness about children in war-torn regions of the world? Or you could sponsor a youth league in your city or county, and organize a company outing for the families of your employees. Make sure everyone knows you don’t forget about the little people!

And it gets even better: June 5th is World Environment Day – a great opportunity for an e-commerce campaign that underscores your company’s environmental efforts. Raise awareness for specific projects that align with your company’s environmetal ethos.

If your company is in the garment sector, you might use your social media channels to ask your followers to post “repair, reuse, revamp” video clips. Create a poll for additional engagement, and reward the best contribution.

National Doughnut Day is on June 7th – a fun day for all lovers of sweet or savory pastry! One example of a possible e-commerce campaign would be requesting recipes and sharing mouth-watering images of your follower’s best doughnut creations.

And let’s not forget Best Friends Day on June 8. A perfect opportunity to show appreciation for the people we trust most: friends, siblings, business partners, or life partners! After all, your better half is also your very best friend! An engaging e-commerce campaign about “Best friends for life” could be a great opportunity to start a conversation on your social media channels and raise awareness about your brand.

In many countries, namely the US, Canada, most European countries, India, China, and Japan, Father’s Day is celebrated on June 16th. Please remember that other countries celebrate fatherhood on a different day! Make sure your e-commerce campaign is targeted correctly on your multilingual website to avoid embarrassment.

Ah, and there it is: the official First Day of Summer is on June 21. Interestingly, the International Yoga Day and National Selfie Day (originally a US holiday invention but a great idea anywhere!) share this auspicious date! What a superb opportunity for some amazing and imaginative e-commerce campaigns! Companies in the fitness, weight loss, and activewear segments can truly make a lasting impression on this day.

And in contrast to all that fitness and self-control, how about an e-commerce campaign on National Flip Flop Day on June 29th. Call upon all the couch potatoes, beach lovers, free thinkers, and anyone who simply loves the freedom to wriggle their toes. 😊 Ask for pictures of the hairiest toes, the best toe nail art, bedazzled flip flops, etc.

We end the month with Social Media Day on June 30th. This day was created by the tech media platform Mashable to highlight the impact of social media on the world. Create an e-commerce campaign in which your followers discuss the impact social media has had on them. Ask them which platforms they prefer, and whether social media has changed their way of life in the family and professionally. You might gain important insights to help target future e-commerce campaigns, and focus on the most important channels. A great opportunity to tune up your company’s social media presence.

Bottom line

All in all, June could be a very interesting and productive marketing month for you and your company. We here at Eurotext can help you get multilingual e-commerce campaigns off the ground. We will analyze and revamp your online shop, and create a wonderful shopping experience for your followers and customers. Get in touch!


autor_eurotext_100Author: Eurotext Editorial Team

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