translationMANAGER for Magento 2

Selecting specific text types

Select product texts, attributes and categories and translate them into more than 50 languages. Internationalization in Magento 2 has never been easier!

Every aspect is customizable

translationMANAGER for Magento 2 offers agencies, developers and tech-savvy users a wide range of customization options: Third-party compatibility, command line scripts, expansion options… Seamless integration into customer projects is therefore a matter of course.

Resource-friendly technology

translationMANAGER is surprisingly easy on resources: Import and export processes run asynchronously in the background, easing the burden on the server. You never have to worry about frontend performance losses.

Open Source

We value transparency! That’s why the source code for translationMANAGER is available on GitHub – completely open and unencrypted. You are welcome to check, change, expand and adapt the source code to your specific needs.

Developed specifically for Magento 2

translationMANAGER was developed specifically for Magento 2 with all special features and capabilities you could possibly need. (Tested for Magento v. 2.2.4 and higher)

Solutions for any shop

Customer feedback and everything we learned from our work with translationMANAGER for Magento 1 has weighed in heavily in the development of translationMANAGER for Magento 2. We will, of course, continue to offer translationMANAGER for Magento 1 and work on further improvements as well.

translationMANAGER for Magento 2
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Building on the great success of translationMANAGER for Magento, our translation solution for Magento 2 benefits from what we have learned in practical work environments. In addition to the many useful legacy functions like the intelligent selection mechanisms, simple export and import workflows and the direct connection to our Eurotext translation portal with over 4000 native-language professional translators, translationMANAGER for Magento 2 features an impressive customizability. Agencies and tech-savvy users will have a whole host of options for adapting existing shop environments and systems to multilingualism.

Our goal is to integrate translation workflows even more effectively into your daily routine to ensure that your business runs smoothly – anywhere in the world!

The installation package for translationMANAGER for Magento 2 will soon be available on the marketplace. But – you can get it from us directly today! Do you want to receive your installation package early? Please complete the form below:

“Yes! Please send me
translationMANAGER for
Magento 2

    Structured exports for simplified translation workflows

    Magento 2 no longer offers a default option for the export of language files contained in individual parts or modules of the shop.
    Instead, Magento 2 now creates a single file with all language segments from all areas of the shop.
    In effect, we offer a free solution to make that possible:
    The export file will be structured by module and source language for accurate and sustainable translation processes.

    Structured exports

    Language files for individual modules are generated via an export script. The text segments are linked to specific areas and features of the shop and are translated in context. As a result, the quality of the translation is improved significantly.

    Translation made easy

    Once generated, the language files contain a wild mix of languages – depending on the extensions installed. This causes confusion, adds to the workload and can lead to translation errors. The export script generates export files separated by language that can be translated immediately, without any additional sorting and processing steps.

    Free and without obligation

    We are happy to make the export script available to you free of charge and without obligation.

    Simply request it using the form below.



    Are you interested in a free export solution for structured language files in Magento 2? Simply fill in the form below. We will get in touch with you right away and send you the files.

    Important to know: The script for exporting language files with Magento 2 is currently a highly technical solution and should only be used by an experienced developer.

    “Yes, please send me the script for
    structured language file exports
    via Magento 2

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