translationMANAGER for Magento

Text selection made easy

Select product texts, attributes, categories, CMS pages, email templates or language files with just a few clicks and have it all translated into more than 50 languages.

Translating SEO content

translationMANAGER allows you to select SEO content from all areas in your shop for search engine-optimized translation – super fast and super easy.

Custom attributes for products and categories

translationMANAGER supports the export of custom attributes of products and categories.

Efficient selection filters

Filters assist you in the selection of the desired content. You can filter content by categories or concrete values like status, stock levels, type or visibility.

Perfect for regular content updates

Newly added products are selected for translation directly via your SKU lists.

Export and import of translation projects

Excellent results with minimum effort: translationMANAGER allows you to select, export and re-import texts with just a few clicks.

Support for static CMS blocks

translationMANAGER differentiates between standard CMS pages and static blocks, allowing you to select only the content you want to have translated.

Compatible with all editions

Community Edition or Enterprise Edition: the Eurotext translationMANAGER is compatible with all editions of Magento (version 1.6 and higher).

Compatibility with third-party plugins

Our translation plugin was developed in strict compliance with Magento guidelines and is therefore fully compatible with many third-party plugins.

translationMANAGER for Magento
(version 3.3.0)
Change log



1. Plugin settings in translationMANAGER for Magento:

translationMANAGER for Magento


2. Product selection:

translationMANAGER for Magento

3. Product details:

translationMANAGER for Magento


4. Selecting CMS pages:

translationMANAGER for Magento

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