translationMANAGER for plentymarkets

Various search options for more clarity

The search function allows a product selection by name, ItemID, VariantID or individual markers – find what you want when you want it!

Targeted translation

Only translate what is needed. Do you want to translate all text for the relevant item? Or just specific parts? Choose from the following: Name 1-3, Short Description, Long Description and Technical Data.

Custom markers for a complete overview

You can select markers that will be assigned to product texts after translation. That way, you will always be in full control of your internationalization project.

Perfect for regular content updates

translationMANAGER for plentymarkets ensures full transparency about which products have been translated and which haven’t. Translating new products as they are added or adapting text changes is no longer a problem!

Export and import of translation projects

Plenty of power in a click: Export texts for translation and automatically re-import them after translation. It’s that simple.

Plug & Play

Set up translationMANAGER via the plentymarkets backend. Request API key, register, go!

translationMANAGER for plentymarkets
(version 1.0.0)



translationMANAGER for plentymarkets

Plugin settings in translationMANAGER for plentymarkets

About plentymarkets

 plentymarkets is an e-Commerce ERP system that combines enterprise resource management with a shop system and multi-channel marketing. The system can be expanded into a comprehensive omni-channel platform with an implementation of the proprietary, app-based checkout software plentyPOS. Full compatibility with modern touchscreen devices means that plentyPOS users can move around the sales floor freely while attending to customers and offer them a next generation, convenient shopping experience. The web-based software offers an extensive range of functions and interfaces, which allow a fully automated mapping of the entire workflow in online and offline trade.

plentymarkets comes with interfaces to all relevant marketplaces, payment, logistics, online shop, legal and affiliate marketing providers, which opens up a multitude of sales channels all at once. All these interfaces can be used immediately without any additional costs. plentyMarketplace offers additional interfaces, shop templates and features, which can be easily added via plugins.

plentymarkets is available with a choice of three payment plans. Any type or size of business will find the right payment plan here – from e-Commerce newcomers to experienced SME traders right up to a full-service payment plan for large enterprises with specific requirements.