How it works:

Eurotext translation projects take in a wide range of different media, formats and content – however, all projects share a similar structured workflow. For new clients, this workflow is as follows:

1. Free Quote

We prepare a free quote based on your source data. Source data can be anything from system texts to complete InDesign catalogs. Our quotes take similarities and repetitions into account – at Eurotext, you only pay full price for completely new translations.

2. Style Samples and Your Own Translation Team

In order to ensure the content and the style of our translations meet the expectations of our clients, we prepare a range of style samples. This not only gives us an idea about our client’s taste, it also provides us with the first vital pieces of information for our client/project-specific style guides.

3. Project Management

Once all of the conditions have been agreed upon, the translation team has been selected and the project has been commissioned, there remains little to do for the client. Questions sometimes arise concerning wording or client-specific terminology, at which point we are happy to involve any native-speaking employees or foreign branches the client may have. Everything you need to know about translation technology, can be found in our glossary.

4. Delivery

Upon completion of the project, your translation will be sent back to you in its original format. We can even take care of everything from post-processing and editing to importing and printing for you, if you wish.