Anyone working in e-commerce – as a marketing professional, consultant, or online shop operator – must be aware of key dates throughout the year. There are obvious ones that are in  everyone’s repertory, and then there are more obscure ones that are a lot more fun because not as many campaigns are run on the back of these. Let’s have a look at July and find out where we can have a little fun!

Important days in July for great marketing campaigns

July is International Watercolor Month – what an amazing opportunity to create memorable adverts and campaigns that will capture the hearts and imagination of art lovers, tattoo lovers, and anyone dabbling in that medium at home. Create a competition for your customers to submit their own art and promote engagement by polling the winner(s).

Did you know that July 1st is International Joke Day? A perfect opportunity to get smirks, giggles, and grins going! How about asking your customers to submit short video clips of them telling their favorite joke to be featured on your social media?

July 2nd is World UFO Day… “abduct” your customers with some UFO-themed commercials or adverts, and market your “out of this world” products accordingly. Continue the theme with ET-oriented social media campaigns, etc.

July 4th is – of course – Independence Day in the US. Let’s help our cousins across the water celebrate their big day with blue, white, and red-themed campaigns, and create a firework of discounts or promotions across all your channels.

Or how about celebrating World Chocolate Day on July 7th? A perfect opportunity for those marketing the sweet stuff in all its disguises! And you don’t even have to be directly involved with anything chocolaty to create mouth-watering adverts and campaigns to get your products seen… after all: who can resist a sweet deal?

World Emoji Day is on July 17th. We can’t imagine a world without these emotive and fun little icons anymore – can you? Emojis have changed the way we communicate online and have become somewhat of a language in their own right. New emojis are added almost daily to further nuance how we express ourselves and our emotions.

The world has been celebrating the International Day of Friendship (July 30th) since 2011, when it was first introduced by the United Nations. The point of this day is to remind each other about the universal necessity for safety, harmony, and peace in a world with never-ending challenges and struggles. Celebrate this day by promoting personalized gifts, and remind your friends, partners, and customers how special they are!

But let’s not forget that not everyone is full of campaign and marketing ideas all the time. That’s where international e-commerce events come to the fore. Here are a few you might consider attending.

Must-attend events in July

B2B IGNITE in London, July 3rd

Here you will find inspiration and the very latest in innovation and intelligence from experts who are forging ahead in B2B.

FlutterCon in Berlin, July 3rd to 5th

Here you can learn invaluable insights from the experts in mobile marketing.

Tactix & AFFILIATE CONFERENCE in Munich, July 16th

The target group for these conferences includes online marketing managers and online marketing decision-makers with a focus on affiliate or performance marketing, networks & agencies. The presentations and workshops will also be interesting for those responsible for online business and e-commerce – from SMEs to large companies in all industry sectors.

Bottom line

With intense competition for sales, e-commerce brands must find every opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Taking full advantage of e-commerce holidays is one of the best ways to do so.

Make a list of holidays to target, and implement a plan of action. With each passing holiday, you’ll gain a better understanding of what you can do to make the most of these dates to promote your business and strategy objectives.



autor_eurotext_100Author: Eurotext Editorial Team

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